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About Us

Artist Brittany Morgan Pochick 

Since the day she's been born she has always gravitated to arts and crafts, painting, and being creative! At only 7 years old she decided to take the chance to sell some of her creations growing her name. Years past and she kept pushing harder, self teaching herself, allowing her mind to lose control with creativity. Which has now blossomed into the unique amazing artist she is today! She never stopped at one thing, she adventured off into every aspect of art. Making her the diverse and talented person she is today! For a christmas gift at the age of 12, she was gifted her LLC. Growing her business and name year after year. Finally allowing her to have the private studio space she has today and the ability to change the world. 
Art has been her savor. The artist uses her Art as therapy to help her struggling anxiety and depression that she's not afraid to express. This is because she knows how hard it is in life and that it's okay to suffer from a Mental illness because she uses that to her advantage. She takes her life experiences and emotions and pours it out into her art work. 

Her Awards and Accomplishments: 

1st Place Mix Media Highland Park Arts in The Park Street Fair

2016 and 2017

Joan Bannon "Art From The Heart" Award

East Windsor Regional Board of Education Award of Artwork Recognition

The National Society of High School Scholars Award


Hightstown High School Art Show Award for 1st Place Furniture Design

Graphic 45 Featured Artist at the age of 13


1st Place Sculpture Hightstown High School Art Show

Placed 1st in NJ for SkillsUSA Carpentry National Competition:

First Female to Represent NJ for Carpentry at the National Level 

High Honors in school 

Legalization of an LLC at the age of 12 

Certified Body Artist and Makeup Artist

Certified Carpenter and Cabinet Maker 

Trained Photographer 


Ms. Pochick Wants to change the world we live in using the arts! Her main goal is to bring joy and happiness to others!

Here is her 5 steps to Master Art:

How to Master Art

By: Brittany Pochick

Art has become a struggle in a blank canvas world. Many don’t think they are educated or creative enough “Artists” or some just blankly believe they aren't exceptional at “Art” in general. However, what actually defines art? There have never been rules to creating artwork or masterpieces, it just happens. Looking at an elaborate charcoal sketch that seems to be only smudges, but creates a pulchritudinous scene of a mother soothing her baby. The blind eye sees this stunning and difficult image to create. To the eye of an artist it’s simply practice, education, skill, and imagination of a mad mind being appreciated visually.

When someone visits a fancy museum many struggle to understand the concepts of how art is visually represented. They question: why is it famous? Why is it in a museum? What is this pile of garbage? Why is it Art? The ranges of bent and manipulated silverware to crayon stick figures in the metropolitan museum of art; from the statue of liberty in New York to the mona lisa displayed delicately within the louvre in france. It’s not backbreaking to create a piece of art, only when you are not over thinking and letting your mind run amuck. do. It doesn’t take a trip to the art store either. Search for your own curiosities at home and around where other magnificent treasures scatter away to hide. Buckets of paint are too basic...let’s seize together a variety of vegetables and fruits to smush. Wires could work extensively, however, let’s use old telephone and TV cables that lie around limb and weak. Instead of making an enormous and massive rubber band ball, use bra’s or old ties. Create a majestic and fierce lion out of old children's toys to express the strength but also the innocence in such a creature. In any sense of words it has never been difficult to think outside of the small box we surround ourselves in. Many are too feared to take a step out into the world of impossibilities.

Step one, always be considered crazy and curious within your own brain...let your mind escape madness. It’s never killed anyone...yet.

Step two, break the rules and rebel. Never compare your work to others: they just may not be as insane as you are. You don’t have to go to art school...just a bonus. Someone: somewhere: will love your art work... just search for them. Always be patient with yourself. Always restart with a white, untouched canvas. Color outside of the lines, drawn by a characterless society.

Step three, enjoy life and clown around. Feeling free and allowing every minute to flow naturally with the current of each breath is remarkable to enjoy.

Step four, snap shot life and flip it upside down. Always be curious and provide each object with a new life. Everything has it’s own story to tell, allowing it to transform is what us artist carry out. Seeing everything from the perspective of different views; is a very uncommon appreciation, that blinded eyes’ do not catch a glimpse of.  

Step five, allow yourself to be different and extraordinary. You can still follow social trends and the latests looks. However, do it more exceptional. Instead of wearing new clothes, experiment with vintage garb. Using style to express who you are that day is the best kind of costume.

Sure you can learn to be masterful in painting, sculpture or even illustration but that doesn’t have to define an artist. They do not have to have any of these qualities at all. There isn’t a definition of either good or bad. Obviously your peers and others will judge your work because we are surrounded by such an opinionated society. However, it’s a bonus! Allowing you to work more passionately and search for the perfect protégé.

Art has no limits. I have witnessed chairs made from welded metal keys, light fixtures made from cups and spoons, canvas pictures made from old dress ties, then the simple splatter paint from here and there, burnt matches to form a beautiful fierce elk, stunning portraits and landscapes and even a few times simply...just some blocks.
Anyone can take garbage and make it something more stunningly beautiful. It takes an open heart, willing to reach for something new and innovative. Be strong, different, creative and your own artist. Simply just embrace your inner madness.